Tom Scott

ESL, Geography, Civics, and Careers

My teaching career began with a one-way ticket to Brazil. After studying linguistics and teaching English as a second language in university, I flew south to pursue my dreams. Eventually I had the opportunity to work in 4 different schools in addition to private tutoring. The hospitality I experienced while in Brazil was truly life-changing and it’s something I hope to carry with me to this day. Even after returning to Canada and continuing teaching English as a second language, I still have a special place in my heart for students from other countries based on my own cross-cultural experience. It is my passion to help students from all backgrounds achieve their potentials. It has been a great pleasure for me to bring my experience to Nancy Campbell Academy. In addition to English as a Second Language, I also enjoy teaching Geography, Civics, and Careers. I’m regularly amazed by the curiosity of the students at Nancy Campbell, and I enjoy learning alongside them as much as I enjoy teaching.

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