Kristen Schaefer

English, Literature Studies and Social Sciences

I have always been an avid learner. I seek growth and development and betterment through the words and teachings of others—so it was a natural choice for me to pursue a career in education. I have been instructing for 4 years, with a background in online education. I’ve found my home within the Nancy Campbell community, where I feel I have flourished as an educator.

Developing relationships with the students of this school has been the highlight of my teaching career thus far. My areas of speciality are English, especially in relation to literature studies, and the social sciences. I also teach business leadership. I received my Honours B.A from WLU and went on to complete my B of Ed through York University. I am the owner of the world’s cutest geriatric cat, never go a day without lipstick and can be found frequenting the many coffee shops of Stratford, book in hand.

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