Fencing Program at Nancy Campbell Academy

Fencing in the curriculum

Nancy Campbell Academy students can train with Canadian high performance and developing fencers while studying in Canada. Fencing’s virtues of discipline, mental strength and athleticism, combined with strategy, are associated with academic and public success. Fencing is a significant National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) sport having lucrative scholarships and boasts the largest graduation rate of all NCAA sports with 98% of its athletes completing their program in Division 1 and Ivy League schools.

“Many Canadian-based ‘high-level’ fencers win significant academic awards, and fencing is a major influence in their community-based excellence.”

Dr. Darren Marks, head coach of Stratford fencing club and professor at University of Western Ontario

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Joshua McQuire

Two-time Fencing Olympian, Fencing Coach

Darren Marks, PhD.

Phd. Fencing Coach